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Posted on: June 19, 2017

Road Construction Projects: Letter to Residents

Dear Residents,

As most of you have been informed and noticed, Columbia gas has been replacing their main transmission line along Bradford Road for the last couple of weeks.  Construction will proceed east on Bradford Road, turn north on to Wexford Run Road and continue out of the Borough toward Shenot Road.  A major project such as this requires considerable equipment, manpower and time in order to be completed in a safe and timely fashion.  It is likely that Columbia Gas and their contractors will be working in and around the Borough for the next several weeks. 

This year’s road and paving construction plan for the Borough includes replacement of the section of Bradford Road on which Columbia Gas is now working, as well as the eastern section of Bradford Road from Washington Road to the border.  The contractor performing the road construction will be tentatively starting their work as early as this week, and will begin by installing a major storm water collection line beneath Bradford Road from Cedar Road to Willow Road.  Installation of the storm water line will disrupt traffic flow on another of our main corridors for a couple of weeks.

The Borough Manager, Road Supervisor, and members of Council are well aware of the projects and their impact on traffic flow.  In order to best serve our residents, we oversee the work as best we can by doing the following: 

  • Hold all contractors to industry accepted standards and specifications for safety and workmanship.
  • Award contracts to qualified bidders.
  • Interface with the contractors on a daily basis in order to insure that the work is executed properly and to be able to alert residents of issues, when it is appropriate.
  • Borough office contact Northern Regional Police Department when a high volume of complaints arrive to ensure contractors are following state signage guidelines.

You will be inconvenienced during construction.  It is inevitable, unavoidable, and the cost of maintaining our infrastructure.  We are asking the following of our residents:

  • Slow down.
  • Allow more time for transit through the Borough.
  • Drive cautiously around construction activities and avoid them when possible.
  • Call the Borough Manager only if you have a specific, constructive question, or if you witness unsafe activities in and around the construction projects.

Our priority is getting high quality work performed in a safe and timely manner to provide our residents with the infrastructure to support the community.


David A. Baldonieri, P.E.

Council Road Committee Chairman

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