Bradford Woods Borough News

Posted on: July 11, 2017

IMPORTANT: Vegetation Management in Right of Way

Dear Resident,

The Borough has received multiple complaints regarding vegetation blocking sight distance on roads and intersections. The Borough will be working with a third party to mow/trim back vegetation which causes a hindrance and safety hazard that is within the right of way, as has been done in years past.

Please contact the Borough if you would like to handle your own vegetation management. Email: or phone: 724-935-2990. Please have the vegetation trimmed by July 12, 2017* as that is the tentative start date for the trimming and mowing.

J Friendly reminder: vegetation is a homeowner’s responsibility to manage, yet the Borough has the right to manage vegetation in the right of way when it becomes a safety concern. If vegetation is not continually managed by land owner, the Borough will be out later in the summer to mow/trim vegetation in the right of way.


Borough of Bradford Woods

*The mailings were sent two weeks ago, but it has come to the Borough's attention that not all residents received the post cards due to an issue-- please understand that residents were intended to be given sufficent time to notify the Borough. The Borough will delay trimming vegetation in the right of way tentatively for about two weeks (July 24, 2017).

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