Bradford Woods Conservancy

Promoting and maintaining the natural beauty of our community, a fund of the Allegheny Land Trust. The mission of the Bradford Woods Conservancy is to promote education, appreciation and conservation of the community, and to encourage environmental stewardship of natural resources as they affect Bradford Woods and the surrounding communities. The Conservancy conducts several events throughout the year on how to educate residents and protect natural resources in the Borough.

For more information on the Bradford Woods Conservancy efforts, please email the Conservancy.

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The installation of the Lake Loop Trail benches was a Conservancy project provided by a grant through Dominion. Richard Sorek, a resident who worked for Dominion, lead the project and grant work. He coordinated the volunteers to mulch the trail. There was a second day for bench installation in which resident volunteers installed the benches. Those volunteers for the bench installation was John Burdick, Richard Sorek, Shelly Muhlenkamp, Roger Clark, and Ward Allebach. The Borough thanks the Conservancy, Dominion, and especially Richard Sorek and Ward Allebach for the hard work installing benches on the Lake Loop Trail.