Garbage & Recycling


The fees for regular curbside service change from year to year based on the contract. The current contract runs 2023 through 2026 with an option year of 2027. For monthly curbside service, the monthly rates are as follows: 2023 ($30.51); 2024 ($33.26); 2025 ($36.25); 2026 ($39.51); 2027 ($43.07). There may be other fees you see on your bill relating to billing services. If you have questions regarding your bill, contact Waste Management and/or the Borough office. You will be billed every 4 months by Waste Management. If you pay for one year in advance, you can receive a 5% discount. If you are 65 years of age and older, you can apply to Waste Management by providing documentation of your age and receive a 10% discount. Please call Waste Management at 800-866-4460 to sign up for these discounts.

Solid Waste

  • Waste Management provided Trash and Recycling containers shall be placed by the owner or customer in the front yard or at the curb line or at a collection point specified by the municipality no earlier than 3:00 p.m. on the day preceding the day designated for pickup.
  • The owner or customer shall remove or cause to be removed from the curb line and/or the front yard, and shall cause to be placed out of view from the street, the emptied containers; said removal shall be accomplished no later than 12:00 midnight on the day of pickup.
Waste Management will only collect material that fits inside your trash cart, and all trash must be bagged. Additional 96-gallon trash carts (up to 2) may be purchased from Waste Management for $100 per cart. Please call Waste Management at 800-866-4460 to purchase additional carts.

Bulk Items

Bulk items are large items that will not fit in the solid waste cart. Waste Management will collect one bulk item per household per month at no additional charge. Bulk items are collected on your normal pick-up day in the third full week of each month. For bulk item pick-up, please call in advance to schedule at 800-866-4460.

Additional Information

Learn more about Waste Management or contact Customer Service at 800-866-4460, or contact Household Hazardous Waste at 800-449-7587.