Bradford Woods Borough is taking an integrated approach, addressing the three intertwining facets of sustainability: economy, environment, and society.

Bradford Woods will meet the immediate need to provide a standard framework of sustainability goals and validation measures – from recycling rates and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to education quality and public safety. Bradford Woods Borough limits its use of herbicides and pesticides throughout the municipality. The Borough's Public Works' employee completes numerous training to ensure the proper and safe application of herbicides and pesticides. Bradford Woods Borough actively enforces the County's No Spray Zones policy. With clear, consistent, and easily accessible performance measures, we will be able to more easily track our performance over time. In addition, Bradford Woods Borough continues to actively train and educate its employees in Municipal Sustainability in order to advance its impact on the environment.

Resolution 14 of 2016: PA Sustainable Certification

 Title of desired outcome that a jurisdiction intends to achieve.
 Statement to clarify relevance, provide context and communicate the desired outcome.
  Measure Performance Measure: Verifiable indicator or metric, qualitative or quantitative, representing the actual state of a system and used to identify progress relative to Goal. OR, Practice Measure: Actions, practices or systematic approach proven to be efficient and effective toward achieving Goal.

Five Milestones for Sustainability
1. Conduct Sustainability Assessment
2. Established Sustainability Goals
3. Develop Sustainabilty Plan
4. Implement Policies and Measures
5. Evaluate Progress and Report Results

Sustainability and integrating new technologies are at the forefront of all Borough initiatives. Bradford Woods Borough is investing in the future through improving its sustainability and technology efforts. The office of Innovation and Sustainability is the umbrella program for all Borough Sustainability efforts, including but not limited to MS4 permitting, the Borough’s recycling program, community education and involvement, and future green developments. The program is led by the Borough Manager.
Bradford Woods Borough is very committed to implementing sustainable practices. The Borough Manager is charged with the task of measuring and tracking the impacts of the Sustainability Program. The Manager meets monthly with Council to review the plan and ensure compliance. Moreover, an annual report is given to the Council for their review.
Below is also our Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan provides analysis and synthesis of future land use concerning public safety, natural resources, and green space.
Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan is used to describe a process that identifies community goals and aspirations in terms of sustainable future land use and community development. The outcome of the Sustainable Comprehensive Plan guides public policy in terms of land use, specifically the preservation of land. The Bradford Woods Sustainable Plan focuses on a broad range of topics and covers a ten year horizon. 

Bradford Woods Borough also measures and tracks the impacts of its Sustainability Program through its annual recycling report. This detailed report provides information on how the Borough's recycling program is reducing the amount of waste going into our landfills.

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