Healthy Eating

Bradford Woods borough is committed to ensuring its citizens are healthy and have access to as many fresh local food resources as possible. Many local farms have food drop-offs within or just outside the borough of Bradford Woods that are affordable and accessible. Names and phone numbers of farms, co-ops, and community supported agriculture's (CSA) are listed below. If you are a farmer, co-op, CSA, or any other local entity dealing in local, healthy foods, feel free to contact the borough of Bradford Woods to be added to the list.

            To join a CSA, contact the listed provider and contract information will be given. Once entered into a contract, your produce share will be dropped off at the nearest site where you live, and you may go and collect your produce.

Dillner Farm: (724) 444-6594

Clarion River Organics: (412)-589-9276

Shenot Farms(724)-935-2542

Eichner’s Farm(724)-935-2131

Soergel’s Farm(724)-935-1743

Bradford Woods has also recently joined the Live Well Allegheny Partnership. Live Well Allegheny is a non-profit organization created to improve the health and well-being of all residents of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The resolution can be found here. Resources for residents can be found on the Live Well Allegheny website