Couples Club

Since 1957: An opportunity for new residents and “old” to become acquainted by coming together in a relaxed social gathering…

Couples Club is open for membership to all couples and individuals residing in Bradford Woods and past residents. It is a wonderful opportunity for meeting neighbors, making new friends, personalizing and connecting this unique community of Bradford Woods

Do You Know the How & Why Couples Club Was Formed? Couples club was modeled after a similar organization in a small New England town. A young couple, Phil & Eleanor Berger, who had been a part of that organization, thought it would be a good way to meet people in their new community of Bradford Woods. In February of 1957 The Bergers, John & Delores Hadley, John & Kaye Harris, Jean & Jack McIntire and 7 other couples met to discuss the idea, then contacted the tax collector to obtain names of newcomers to Bradford Woods. On the first Sunday in March, all newcomers were invited to a pot luck dinner meeting at the fire hall. The first program was provided by the tax collector (then, the equivalent to the mayor). Thus Couples Club was launched and the original couples acted as officers in the interim. The official start was in the fall of 1957 with a formal election and by-laws were drawn. A Ways & Means Committee for raising funds was established. In addition to contributing to the fire department, the earliest major project was sponsorship of a Little League Team. Meetings were on Sunday nights until a few years later when some people objected to dancing and playing games on Sunday. The members decided it would be strictly a social club rather than a service oriented group and the club structure was changed. The meeting night was officially changed to the first Saturday of the month. Bradford Woods Couples Club is STILL a great way to meet neighbors and make new friends. Getting to know our neighbors helps to create connection and a sense of belonging to a community. When connections are made, people take greater pride in making that place even more special through genuine caring and concern for fellow neighbors. Bradford Woods is a truly unique place to live!


FYI: From the Constitution of the BW Couples Club
Article II. Obligations of Membership
1. Dues shall be $20. Per couple, $10 per individual, annually, payable not later than the November meeting and for new members at the time of application.
2. Every couple/member shall serve as host once a year.
3. All members shall have the opportunity to sign up for a committee until the November meeting. After this time, any members who have not signed up will be assigned to a committee by the Couples’ Club officers and will be expected to serve on that designated month.
4. Food servings for 12 shall be required with attendance at each meeting.
5. All widows or widowers of past members will be honorary members for life. Their only obligation is a food serving for 12.
Article III. Meetings
Eight or more couples shall act as hosts at each meeting. Their duties shall be to organize the supper, provide the entertainment for the evening and complete the records for the month in the dinner attendance book before returning it to the secretary.
In the event that unusual entertainment expenses, exclusive of any and all supper expenses, are incurred, the club shall contribute 50% of such expenses up to a maximum of $100.00
Article v: Amendments
This constitution can be amended by a two thirds vote of the members present at any meeting of the club. The amendments must be introduced at the meeting, prior to the meeting at which it is voted upon.

BWCC Officers 2023-2024

President:  Vince Cannella

Vice Presidents :  Jeffrey Bergman & Michael Painter

Treasurers:  Jenn & Luke Hudak

Secretaries:  Katherine & Sebastian Habr